Our bedroom used to be a pitch black, peaceful serenity. A place where hubby and I could spend many blissful hours of uninterrupted sleep and lazy weekend lay-ins.

Then little man arrived and oh how things changed.

Our new bedroom companion came with a list of demanding requirements to make his stay more comfortable, including constant white noise, ambient temperature and humidity, 24 hour room service and perpetual low lighting.

Initially the little intruder appeared to be a hideously ungrateful, rude guest who was always crying and complaining about something. But as time went by we all grew accustomed to one another and settled in to him residing at the foot of our bed in his moses basket, snuffling, snoring and farting away until his heart's content.

As first time parents, safe sleeping was hammered into us frequently before our son's arrival and then again at every available opportunity. During this time I naively thought his moses basket would accommodate him for six months - until it was 'safe' for him to be in his own room. How very foolish. As the weeks went by we watched our guest quickly fill out the basket and by week 12 there simply was no more room at the inn. It was time for little man to be upgraded to his big(ish) boy bed in his own room.

Initially I thought I would be elated to evict our bedroom companion and get our serenity back, but in the run up to his move I was filled with nervous apprehension. Luckily, hubby is a techno geek and so the nursery was kitted out with a camera and an Angelcare movement monitor to help ease any paranoia. Sadly there was nothing I could do to help ease the emotional turmoil. Was he ready to be on his own? He looked so small in his cot. I felt awful and hoped he wouldn't see this change as a punishment or feel too lonely. (How soft am I?) It was also the first big milestone that signified my little baby is growing up fast.

I'm sure it's pure coincidence, but the first night he was in his new room was the best night's sleep he had in a while. No such luck for me. My night was spent pretty much wide awake with a constantly running questions through my mind like 'what was that noise, is he ok?' 'What was that noise, is he ok?' 'What was that noise, is he ok?' It took a few nights for me to trust the monitor was working properly and that little man was perfectly safe in his new room. Ironically it then took me a few weeks to get used to my bedroom being a pitch black, silent serene environment once again.

It's been a few weeks now and despite his demanding requirements, I still miss sharing the bedroom with my little man. But if I listen closely to the monitor, I can get comfort from hearing him snuffling and farting until his heart is content.